Enjoy the season while prepping for 2022

10 Ways To Use The Rest of December To Set You Up for 2022

Don’t waste the last two weeks of the year.


With only two weeks left in the year, you have options for how you want to finish 2021. You can coast through to the end of the year in a holiday induced fog or you can rush to cram in as much as possible before the ball drops on January 1st.

Then there’s the option where you set yourself up for a successful start to the new year while still enjoying the rewards of the season, which is the option I suggest. To make that happen, I present to you, in no particular order, 10 things you can do now to set yourself up for a successful beginning of 2022.

1. Create a list of your achievements.

What did you accomplish in 2021? Go through your calendar or planner to remind yourself of what you accomplished both personally and professionally. You alone decide what a successful achievement looks like for you. Did you nail a presentation? Make it to all your daughter’s softball games? Master a new skill at work? Write them all down.

When your list is complete, take some time to proudly reflect on what you accomplished. Keep the list somewhere you can easily find it during 2022 to keep you inspired. PRO TIP: Set aside a place in your 2022 calendar or planner to note what you achieve each week, so making this list is even easier next December.

2. Declutter one area of your home.

Pick somewhere small to focus on, like the medicine cabinet, condiments in the fridge, a junk drawer in any room, or a particularly messy corner of your desk. Take a “before” photo on your phone, then set a timer and play “Beat the clock” as you go through everything.

Once you’ve decluttered and reorganized, take an “after” picture and admire your work. Donate usable items or share them in a “Buy Nothing” type of group in your community. Small successes like this give you dopamine hits and encourage you to find additional ways to succeed, which may or may not include decluttering more spaces.

3. Write a list of goals for 2022.



Ellen Goodwin

Productivity Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Co-host, Author of DONE: How To Work When No One Is Watching. Learn more at Ellen@EllenGoodwin.com