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5 Ways Playing More Can Unexpectedly Improve Your Life

Play as if your life depends on it (because it does)

Ellen Goodwin
6 min readOct 6, 2022


I spent a couple of hours earlier this week watching TEDx talks about the power of play in our lives and how it can change how we see and do things.

These talks immediately made me think: am I playing enough? The honest answer was: no. (I’ve got some serious plans to change the no into a big fat yes soon.)

So what about you? When was the last time you played?

Not because your kids asked you to or you had to do a team-building exercise. Just any kind of play because you wanted to and could?

Outside of a game on your phone while you waited in line, have you really indulged in any sort of play recently?

It’s interesting that, as adults, we need to be reminded about the importance of play.

As children, we played like it was our job to have fun, and our brains and bodies loved it (we just didn’t know it then.) At its most basic, play, no matter what kind, changes your mental and physical state. It boosts your executive control system, regulates emotions, helps problem-solving, and increases whole-brain integration.

It can also lower your stress hormones and increase your bonding hormones. It…



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