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The easy way to corral your runaway brain and get your day back on track

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The importance of listening better to get more done

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Start identifying the obstacles that trip you up and remove them.

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Everyone needs tools to be successful at their jobs

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Eliminate wasted time with one simple list

It worked when you were a baby, it will work for you now.

Use this audio shortcut to tell your brain it’s time to sleep

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Every choice you make in life requires some mental energy. Minimize the choices, save your energy

You can do so much more when you stop looking at your screens

The power of decreasing your dependence on your digital devices

What is your Definition of Done?

How adding one simple thing to your to-do list changes what you get accomplished each day

A Definition of Done tells you your task is completed. You have reached your destination. It’s time to move to the next thing.

You’re a little like a cellphone

Your energy is limited, don’t give it away

Ellen Goodwin

Productivity Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Co-host, Author of DONE: How To Work When No One Is Watching. Learn more at

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