The 4 steps you need to help you stop self-sabotage in its tracks

How To Stop Self-Sabotage and Get Out of Your Own DAMN Way

Self-sabotage is very real and alive in everyone’s life, but it doesn’t have to be in charge

Ellen Goodwin
12 min readNov 11, 2022


I once almost ran my former business into the ground by ignoring clients and deadlines. Instead, I watched YouTube videos and got into heated political discussions online.


Because cat videos were way more fun than invoicing or finding new clients. I needed to grow the business, but I wasn’t sure of the next steps to take.

Each idea I came up with, I quickly shot down, thinking, “I can’t do that,” “I’m not good at that,” and “No one will believe me if I say that.” I was sitting in fear: procrastinating, and getting nothing done. I was a one-woman wrecking crew, sabotaging my business. And I was damn good at it!

One year later, my business was thriving. New clients were calling. Interesting work was showing up. I was connected with my business and excited about the future. Cat videos and political arguments were a thing of the past. There may have been unicorns dancing in my office and rainbows shooting through the windows.

What kind of mysterious miracle happened in those 12 months?

The short story: I got out of my own damn way.

The long story: I took strategic, step-by-step action to overcome self-sabotage to achieve my business and life goals.

It’s one thing when other people and circumstances get in our way. But it’s completely different when we get in our own way.

How to get around it? By giving a DAMN.


Step 1: DECLARE what you want.
Know what you want so you don’t get sidetracked by what you don’t want.

Before you can achieve anything, you have to know specifically what you are shooting for. Unclear just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s say you want to be a writer. (I’m all for this!) But what kind of writer? A technical writer is much different from someone who writes children’s books. Someone who blogs is much…



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