A little extra help is always a good thing.

Two Tweaks You Can Use Immediately to Make Achieving Your Goals Easier

How SMART Goals can be altered to help you be successful every time

Ellen Goodwin
8 min readApr 28, 2022


Hey, hi there! Just popping in to see how you’re doing with the goals you set a few months ago.

I know it was right around New Year’s Eve, and you were probably a little giddy from your 37-day-long sugar-cookie binge. You may have been a bit overly optimistic about what you could accomplish in the new year. But idealizing ourselves and our futures is what we all do until said future actually shows up, right about…now.

So….how ARE things going?

Like most people, you’ve probably blown right past your goal deadline, similar to an overloaded semi-truck careening down a steep hill. You didn’t even get close to achieving your goal. (I’m right there with you. My goal of being able to knock out 15 push-ups at the drop of a hat by March 1st? Yeah, that didn’t happen.)

Achieving goals is hard (not going to lie on that one!)
A study done by the University of Scranton found that 92% of people who set goals never achieve them. But that means 8% of people do achieve their goals, and you can be one of them. Nothing says you can’t reset your goals and restart working on them today.

Yep, today looks like the perfect time and place to start.

This time, you don’t have to do it all by yourself
Just like it’s easier to stay afloat in the turquoise water of a swimming pool if you slip on some pink arm floaties decorated with shark prints that you borrow from your kids (ok, you might look goofy, but hey…floating!), it’s easier to work towards your goals if you have a little help.

And while this support isn’t kid-sized, nor is it covered in pictures of sharks, it will assist you as long as you make a few adjustments.

I’m talking about calling on the power of the SMART Goals set up.

SMART Goals aren’t always smart
I’m guessing you’ve heard of this before. If you search “Setting up goals,” one of the first things that always comes up in the 245,689 responses is SMART Goals. Somewhere along the line, this became THE way to set up goals…



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